Torres del Paine and Volcan Puyehue
Good scenery, great company - a four-day walk around the Torres del Paine and two days around Volcan Puyehue, in Chile.
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  Blythe, Regina, Manuela, Dave and Adam look for the view at the top of the Valle Frances
  Adam and Manuela admiring Glacier Gray
  Adam said he'd give me AU$50 if I jumped onto one of these bergs. It wasn't enough
  Civilisation in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park. Tinned peaches. Heaven.
  Taking the boat at the end of Torres del Paine
  "Who's idea was this?" Delphine and Niall tend their blisters halfway up to Puyehue
  Looking onto the ice in Puyehue's crater
  Scree-running down Puyehue
  Niall and Dave at the lava field