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Photos of Bolivia
map of Bolivia and South America |map of places photographed below |map of Bolivia in detail (200k)
Introducing La Paz:

La Paz


Street photographer

Lake Titicaca
In search of dinosaurs:

Chewing coca

Picnic among rocks


Dinosaur tracks

Rock faces
The Illampu trek 1:

Mules need friends too

High altitude folks

On the Illampu circuit

Cloud run

The Illampu massif (39k)
The Illampu trek 2:

Getting tired now

Panorama - Titicaca to Illampu (53k)

Rough sleeping
The Potosí mines:

The world's highest city

Smoking dynamite

Down the mines
Biking the Death Road:

High biking

The Death Road

Three hours of dirt
Visiting Bolivia:

Typical meal


Typical transport

Taxi driver
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All photos © Dave Pitchford, 2000.