Street photographer, La Paz

I just had to see the results from this huge homemade camera so I sat in front of a bemused photographer for a short portraiture session. He had no negative film so the procedure was this:

  1. Expose a piece of light-sensitive paper for two seconds or so (I think he was counting, "Uno, crocodile, dos, crocodile", as he held the cap away from the lens).
  2. In broad daylight dip the paper by hand into some developer, count a little, then some fixer, count a little.
  3. Stick a piece of wood onto the end of the camera and stick the developed paper (bearing a negative image of me) onto a clip at its end.
  4. Repeat 1. , taking a picture of the piece of paper.
  5. Repeat 2.

The result cost 80p ($1.20).

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